Friday, 29 March 2013

time for her baby...

So I've  been busy making some bits for my babies room.  I had already made the bedding with the fab Peter Rabbit material for his cot and so decided to add a few bits to his room...

I got a pattern for a door stop (original link/pattern no longer available but think this one is better! Though wouldn't bother interlining unless really thin material) which i'd made for a couple of family members, and it's so easy and cute I thought i'd use for baby Samuel's room.  Seriously it's so easy and you end up with this!

I then got a little giddy and went 'off-pattern' to create some tie-backs...  

Needed: Spare material
4 x D Rings

Cut 2 lengths (whatever you have hanging around, approx 20" x 4") of fabric and 4 small tabs (approx 3" x 1").  Fold the two lengths in half  - good sides in - and sew down one length (leaving 0.5" un-sewn at each end) then turn right side out and press.

At the same time press the smallest hem on each side of the long length of your 'tabs', these are used to attached your D-rings.  Sew down each hem, no need to back stitch as these will be en-cased in the actual tie-back.  It's just for a good finish...

Fold these tabs over the D-Rings (I had some from old tie-backs I no longer used) and sew across to fix in place.  Don't worry if not very neat as will all be covered up shortly!

Fold in the ends of the tie back lengths (you can do this when pressing and press these for neatness, but no biggy), and then slot in the 'tabs' and pin in place...

Sew round the full length approx 5mm in from the edge, start half way down a length as will be covered when folded.  The edging not only gives a professional finish but attaches the 'tabs' to the actual tie backs. 

Once sewn you are left with these fab tie backs! 

Hope my instructions were okay, thought i'm aware some pics initially would have been good!  Any questions just ask!

Fay x

P.S Up-cycling at it's best, all made from off-cuts x

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