Monday, 27 January 2014

projects at home for 2014!

So this year I really want to get some projects at home done. Several of them are years overdue, some new but all have been pushed aside as the end of the 2013 was so busy (not complaining!); so my view is this year if I start early I might be in with a chance of getting them done...


Might seem a little untimely,  but as I never managed to get them painted before Christmas I thought i'd paint before putting away again!

Not quite sure what I'm going to do, but will probably be fairly traditional colours with a little bling thrown in, keep an eye on my FB page for progress and I'll blog when finished.


This is 2 years overdue now and as he's had this above his cot for that time, I think it's only fair I get it done this year!

Project Three - PLAYROOM WALL

Because it brings back many happy memories and because it just looks cool, I'm going to hand paint the London Underground map on the boys playroom wall.  Will add a bit of colour to the walls as well...


I wanted to do something a little different than either paint, wallpaper or paintings on the wall; I saw this idea last year on Channel 4 and thought it was very effective (couldn't find original link, but found one better, someone who has gone before me LOL).  I'll collect all different sized, shaped plates (especially ones with molded detail) and then paint them in matte finish.  Think i'll do the majority in one colour and possibly highlight colours here or there to match in with the Harlequin fabric of my curtains and blinds...

Project Five - HALL

No idea what I'm going to do, bit it will be a HUGE white canvas from the White Collection, ideas on a postcard!

Anyway that should be enough to keep me out of trouble...

Keep following to see my progress,

Fay x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

finally getting over the festive period!

I can't believe it's 2014, and how little time I've had. Is it just me or does no-one else get the chance to sit down till about 9pm (even on days off) to finally get to do their 'hobby'?  I just don't where the hours go in the day...

So finally I can share some of my Christmas Orders, I hope you like.

I love this particular quote (and style of canvas).  It's a large canvas 50cm x 100cm and used to take me forever to paint as each letter is painted individually, before painting the canvas and then gluing each letter to the canvas.  Until I discovered Annie Sloan chalk paints this used to take about 7 coats, whereas now I'm looking at 2-3 with a much nicer finish as well!  It also means that time wise, it's a lot quicker and best of all cost wise, it's a lot more reasonable.

Next was another white collection canvas, a completely personalised quote to the customer which I thought was just fantastic.

I really enjoyed doing this, might not be to everyone's taste, but certainly made me chuckle!

Now for the original reason I bought the Annie Sloan paints - which I got from the fabulous The Vintage Corner in Pocklington, York - distressed canvases...

Again a large canvas 12" x 32", perfect for above a headboard! Was really pleased with how this turned out...

Having seen how well this worked I had two letter canvases to do and my lovely customer kindly let me use my artistic discretion and go with the same style.

Thank you to all my lovely customers, without whom this wouldn't be possible and I enjoy so much so long may it continue!

Would love to hear your thoughts and please follow my blog and facebook page to see some exciting projects I will be undertaking at home this year, along with my lovely customer orders.  

Here wishing everyone a fab 2014!

Fay x