Saturday, 23 March 2013

some time to take a break and bake!

So it's been all work and no play recently.  My day job is pretty full on and stressful at moment (not really what I envisaged when I applied for a little part time job in an office for some extra pennies! LOL) and things at home always manic, with 3 boys so no let up there.  However last weekend I decided it was time to take a break, put everything aside and spend some time with my eldest, baking bread!

 Yes we cheated, it was only pre-bought packet mix.  In our defence OH had bought it ages back as he 'said' he'd make in bread machine but never did, so it needed using!
 Mixing done we kneaded, although H had to take over as i managed to crack knuckles while kneading and ended up with swollen hand for the week - who'd have thought baking was so dangerous!

 Having been unsure on the size of the loaf tin we hedged our bets and halved the mixture, making small loaf and four bread buns/rolls.  Covered and put in airing cupboard to prove...

We quickly realised that the tin was in fact 2lb and we could have put whole mixture in, ah well now we know!

Then into the oven for 20-25 mins to bake.  Checking when we removed them they were cooked properly by tapping on their base for hollow sound.  Perfect!

We were very happy with the result!  Might need to have a go at it from scratch next time.  Will try not to break my hand in the process!!!!

Anyway, back to work now :-(

Fay x

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