Wednesday, 1 May 2013

life is tough, but there's always time to craft!

It's been too long, so for that I apologise.  But finally updating you on what I've been up to, the boys (all 3) have had Chicken Pox which in the end from start to finish lasted just under 5 weeks! Poor Fred only went back to school today...

I have been able to get a few bits and bobs done though as helps me relax on an evening. Got some fab stickers from Royal & Langnickel which you can get over here, but typically the ones I wanted were only available from U.S (don't ask about the shipping! LOL).

Used these to mark up some bottles I had in the kitchen for oil.  Purely for my own pleasure, but very pleased with the results...

I'm waiting on couple of spare crates from father in law, that I will paint and then use these stickers to decorate - one to watch for...

Then I used these stunning beach stickers to decorate a box I had got ages ago but never ended up using, is now perfect for my attic bathroom and it's beach theme.

Lastly I decided to hand paint a couple of canvases as have a fair on Saturday in our Village and as well as my usual stock I wanted to try my hand at Rennie Mackintosh font I used to paint all the time when I did art at school. So had a go and will take to fair to see what people think...

Let me know what you think!

Signing off for now.  Loads more to do, so should update again soon.  Fred's Union Jack canvas to finish, curtains to make to match Samuel's tiebacks and I've ordered baby shoe pattern to make some shoes for Samuel too :-)

With love,

Fay x

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  1. I love the seaside box Fay and your canvas is gorgeous!
    Have a good weekend
    Lorraine x