Wednesday, 27 February 2013

some time and some motivation!

So it's been a while since I managed to update my blog and today I decided that I just had to craft as it's about the only thing keeping me sane at the moment!  I had a little of the Peter Rabbit Toile style fabric left which I'd got from The Remnant House in Harrogate and as I was unsure if I would be able to get more I decide to use the last to make a pillow case and duvet cover for my sons cot bed.

I had a baby blue fitted single sheet in my 'spare' bedding and as I doubt my two eldest boys will ever require baby blue, and baby Samuel will be in his cot bed till he's old enough to have grown out of baby blue, I thought I'd put to better use and use as the backing for the cover and case!

I cut out using old bedding as a template, then pinned and sewed the pillowcase first, followed by the duvet cover.

While I will use button fastening for future sets, I did use sew on velcro this time as I had no suitable buttons available and was too impatient to finish! LOL.

I do like to cut off the corners so you don't get the 'bulk' once they've turned the right way.

A quick iron and I think you'll agree they look lovely! Can't wait to make some more...

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Fay x

P.S My blog is and always will be about my crafting, and while I don't want to get personal I do want to make you aware that I am going through some difficult times at the moment personally and at my 'day job' please stick with me as I love to do what I do and I will get through this.  I hope that my crafting inspires you as that would make me very, very happy!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mod Podge!

So I know I'm way behind everyone else, but I have finally discovered Mod Podge!  And in the words of Craig Revel Horwood it's A-ma-zing!!!!!!!

Here is the canvas as I was applying the Mod Podge.  I'd already used to stick down the poster image and then used it to seal everything.  I must admit the first time I put a coat on I panicked a little till I saw it drying!

Once it had dried I then stuck all the letters down.  I do by eye rather than measuring exactly as I prefer that way, and once I'd stuck down all the letters then I gave them all a coat of the Mod Podge aswell to give them a nice matte gloss finish, almost like the poster itself.

Using the wooden letters in the TinTin font gives it that real 3D effect which I love.

I hope and think you'll agree it looks fab! Can't wait for Henry to see...

Next Projects: Memory Boxes and a Union Jack Canvas for middle boy Freddie!

Fay x

P.S A huge thanks to Granny Bling who had the boys this afternoon, meaning I didn't need to lose my Saturday night in order to finish this!