Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a few extra hours in the day...

Okay so quite an exciting couple of weeks, although it's taken till now to get updating as there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I'm sure you know how it goes, the 'day' job is manic, the 'parent' job is manic and trying to fit in a little bit of crafting just seems so hard!  Made all that harder last weekend by 3 birthdays and a wedding anniversary, so it's all been a bit... manic! LOL :-) 

Anyway I've finally managed to get enough done to warrant updating the blog for you all to see what's going on.  As you know while I've been waiting on the letters to arrive for the TinTin canvas for my eldest, I've been keeping myself busy with some possible new additions to the Nursery Collection for 2013.

So the personalised building blocks are now finished! #woohoo.  I started off by painting the cubes themselves with three shades; grey, antique white and frosted mint as below:

Then I hit a little stumbling block (pardon the pun!) and couldn't decide whether to paint the letters all the same colour or different, I put it to my fab followers on Facebook and Twitter and out of many suggestions I liked the suggestion of different shades of the same (Thank you Jos, Helena and Angie!) so the next step was to paint the letters and place them on the cubes, think you'll agree the result is rather nice!

Will post a picture of the blocks in natural daylight on Friday so the colours can be fully appreciated.  They'll be available in grey, white and your choice of Mint, Lilac, Pink or Blue.  They can come with a simple a,b,c or could be completely personalised with a child's name.  I really think they'd look stunning in a Nursery, hope you agree?  Got to work on the boring bit now, costings...

Anyway will leave you with a few teasers of the TinTin canvas which I started today...

Hope to update you soon,

Fay x

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