Monday, 11 November 2013

Annie Sloan paints!

So after the excitement that was Dec Issue Vogue I am now working hard on new orders received and some exciting ideas for Christmas Fayres.  The 'feature' wasn't quite as I expected, more of a listing but I can't complain at the effect it's had!

First of all is a little gift for a friend.  She'd seen the quote somewhere and asked me to reproduce in my own style, and I now have more orders on the back of it!  I can't believe it's taken me so long to find these paints. Annie Sloan is a genius, these paints are amazing and I am a complete convert...

I bought them from The Vintage Corner, locally in Pocklington and will be visiting again very shortly for more supplies now the orders are coming in daily.

Plain canvas, painted firstly with Henrietta...

Then coat of Old White...

After a sanding down to reveal the undercoat it was time to get writing.

Funny I know!
Still thought it was missing something, so added little heart.

The finished canvas, with a little 'Home Sweet Home' ribbon to hang by...

Fun to do, hope you like.

Fay x 

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  1. It looks gorgeous Fay. Love that sentiment!
    Lorraine x