Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Working with Vogue

So I still haven't managed to start little Samuel's canvas, bless him.  Lucky he's young enough not to care/notice! LOL.  However in the meantime something quite exciting has happened...

Vogue have approached little old me to work with them, now I am not going to pull the wool over anyone's eyes and make it more than it is, it is an advertorial, but the mere fact that they approached me is enough to make me smile!

It actually took a while for it to sink in, much time scouring the internet, linkedin etc. to check that it was real and not a hoax (who's that bothered...) but there's so much self doubt that I just couldn't help myself. Anyway the artwork and 'blurb' has been sent, it's just a waiting game now...

I asked them how they found me and it was through Stork Up, who I have to say I have neglected badly over the last few months, so am in the process of updating everything. So ladies it's a big, big, mahoosive thanks from me :-)

As you may have guessed it'll be featuring my hand-painted art nouveau / art deco style canvases which are just perfect for your little one, or for a truly unique gift this Christmas! However having finally sorted out my laptop / broadband issue I have managed to update the website to show all canvases that I offer. 

I really hope you like what I've done with the website now that I'm concentrating on the bespoke canvases, but please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see or you think I've missed.  Here's hoping I get the chance to get on with Samuel's canvas soon before Christmas orders start coming in... 

Lots of love and very excited whoops!

Fay x

P.S haven't even mentioned Ginja Ninja who is trying to re-type this blog as we speak...


  1. Very proud. You've done so well my little sweetheart. xxx

  2. Congratulations - definitely something to smile about! - Go girl!
    Ginja ninja looks like a little sweetie too! Hope you're enjoying half term.
    Lorraine x

    1. Thanks Lorraine, should get my copy any day now. Yes he is v cute and v brave to put up with these boys all 'playing' with him! Holidays been nice, off to halloween party at club tomorrow, you?