Thursday, 21 January 2016

5 Unique ways to decorate your walls!

Do you have a blank wall that you keep staring at? You know you want to do something with it, but don't just want an average 'feature wall'. Then fear not, here are some really unique ideas...

1. Wall Murals

I created this London Tube map on my boys playroom wall, and was really pleased with the outcome.  Amazing was a metre rule, paint pens and some stickers can do! 

2. Canvas Wall Art

Funnily enough this was how my business developed as I made for my boys rooms, and then people asked me to make for their kids, and things grew from there.

3. Plates

Whether you stick with one tone and different shapes, or go with a blaze of colour there is a lot of scope to make a beautiful impact with plates on your wall. This is my next project for 2016! 

4. Chalkboard Paint

So many uses! Not always black...

and not always for kids...

This is a definite favourite of mine! 

5. Stationery

What! I hear you cry. But honestly there are some fab uses from everyday stationery including clip boards, for easy change art display...

Or what about using your hole punch to create art with the kids, if you prefer bigger circles specialist circle punches can be bought...

And if you ever get bored at work then what about trying to recreate this post it note creation, just awesome!

So go on, get inspired and get creating!

Can't wait to see your results...

Fay X

P.s I'm in the process of switching my blog to Wordpress so please bear with me if there is a delay before the next post  💜

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